July 24, 2017

Fresh water lake fun with the pups!

 Wilhelmina, " Here I am at the lake with Duffy! We haven't been here since last summer when I was a little tyke but we remember this lake and love it still!"

 Wilhelmina, " We love all the smells we find here because this part of the beach is for dogs only!"

 Wilhelmina, " It's a beautiful lake! "

 A beautiful lake.

Duffy, " We saw many, happy dogs, cavorting!"

Bentley, " Wilhelmina, would you care to play with me?"

Duffy, " I love to watch Wilhelmina romp, skip and dance!"

Wilhelmina, " Lake water is warmer than ocean water! Come on Daddyman! Let's play!"

Wilhelmina," Hey, you, Little Thief! Come back with my toy!"

Wilhelmina, " It was such a fun afternoon until I noticed this on our way out!"

Wilhelmina, " I was a very good girl while Daddyman rinsed the sand off my furs!"

Wilhelmina, " But all I could think of, was how much I wanted to go back to the lake to play with all of my new friends!"

Have a Marvelous Monday!
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the critters in the cottage xo

July 22, 2017

Sunday Selfies with the Three Musketeers at Low Tide.

 We are joining the kitties at, The cat on my head , for their Sunday Selfie blog hop! This week, we have Duffy, Wilhelmina and Mia with their low tide entries, as well as photos of their paw prints in the sand . We also have somebirdie's tracks in the sand for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! :)

                                                         TIDE'S OUT!!









Somebirdie's tracks in the sand.

MIA'S paw prints.

DUFFY'S paw print (top) WILHELMINA'S paw print (bottom)

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the critters in the cottage xo

July 21, 2017

Fashion Friday at the beach!

 Duffy, " Can you spot me on the rocks?!"

                              Duffy, " Hi ya! Here I am with another addition of Fashion Friday! I thought I'd switch it up and change locations! Today I will be showing you two bandanas  while at the beach with Wilhelmina!"

Duffy, " I am posing on the rocks where I can keep an eye on Wilhelmina. She makes friends everywhere she goes and it is fun to watch her cavort!"

Duffy, " Here I am posing seriously while wearing my chevron bandana. I love the turquoise colour in this pattern!"

Duffy, "Oh look!  Wilhelmina is running around while having loads of fun!"

Duffy, " She is also digging holes!"

Duffy, " And she met this handsome fellow named Brinkley. Brinkley is a Silver Labrador Retriever."

 Duffy, " Wilhelmina also played a lot with a Wheaten Terrier named, Mia!"



 Duffy, " My second bandana has squirrels on it!"

Duffy, " It also has the colour turquoise on it. I thought wearing cheerful turquoise was just the thing to do on an overcast day in Vancouver!"

Duffy, " Here are my serious poses in my squirrel bandana!"

2nd serious pose!

Duffy, " Of course that didn't last long!"

Duffy, " I hope you enjoyed another peek into my wardrobe on Fashion Friday, as well as a glimpse into Wilhelmina's unfailingly, playful world. See you next time sweet friends, when I will show you a few of my most excellent, flannel bandanas!"

Have a Fabulous Friday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

July 19, 2017

Wordless Wednesday : In the forest and at the seashore with Wilhelmina OR Digger with bows! and, Look what I see! Look what I see!

                                                     DIGGER WITH BOWS!

                                                 LOOK WHAT I SEE! LOOK WHAT I SEE!


Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
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the critters in the cottage xo